Smokers’ toilet

There is a toilet with a window view which is frequented by smokers. I get pissed off when I see the window open with the warm wind blowing in. I think the smokers like to open the window and let the smoke escape so that they don’t choke in their own fumes.

Now I have nothing against smokers, as long as they don’t force me to breathe in their waste product. Some are very fine people in all other aspects, but like to adopt open air corners as their own smoking point. This is fine as long as they choose some ulu spot where non-smokers keep away from. I mean, if you are in the toilet, you have to put up with the stench of my bodily waste, but if you’re out of the toilet, you shouldn’t have to smell it. So why should I smell cigarette fumes when I did not choose to go near a designated smoker’s corner? Why should I have to endure smokers who gather along bridges, at bus stops, who walk in front of me, who smoke in toilets?

Those who do not want to breathe in their own waste will open the window and start smoking, and neglect to close it back. Sure, the higher air-con bills are not your problem because your company pays the rental, so it is something cannot care less about. That’s very nice of you. I don’t like to pee in a warm toilet and come out sticky with perspiration, but I guess you cannot care less also.

Have the decency to go congregate on roof tops or multi-storey carparks to smoke please.


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