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Testing frameworks

There is a new Java testing framework, TestNG, that is slowly replacing JUnit. I’m appalled at how out of touch I am with development work these days. I barely have the time to pick up JUnit as it is, and now developers are talking about how this new framework does not have the weaknesses of JUnit that I did not even think about? I have not used it often enough to notice the weaknesses much. I don’t even know what JDK1.5 is all about, when we are still using JDK1.4 officially and really using just the feature of JDK1.2. Pathetic.

I seldom have the chance to get my hands dirty doing development work right now. My work consist of managing a few programmers and gathering the requirements, managing the versions, testing, answering emails, doing migrations. Unit testing is something I am not intimately acquainted with, though I need to know enough to guide my programmers. Therein lies the problem – how do you lead if you don’t know? When I first joined the company, I was miffed by how little our managers really knew about Java, though that is the language we use, how unwilling they were to learn new things and try promising new tools and techniques that can potentially ease our burden. I find myself becoming more like them with the passing of time.

It takes something uncommon to go against the path of least resistance and to do a better job than is common. The uncommon had always been more interesting, and holds the possibility for improving on what we have. To be common had never appealed much to me, except those times when being accepted was more important to me than pursuing my dreams.

To be able to spend time doing hands-on development work and be paid for it will be wonderful therapy for me and will ease some of the troubles on my mind. To be paid the same rate as what I am now will be like a dream job to me.

Anyway, I really need to read up on what TestNG is all about and the weaknesses of JUnit that I did not really have the time to find out. I won’t understand everything, but it is a jumpstart.
TestNG: Catch the Testing Fever
Test Framework Comparison
New features of JDK5
Under the Hood of J2EE Clustering

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Gay Swimming Pool

I had suspected for some time that the neighbourhood swimming pool I frequent is a gathering place for gays. Today, I had the fortune or misfortune (depending on how you see it) to confirm my suspicion.

I was on leave today and decided to go swimming in the afternoon. It is usually therapeutic for me to exercise, as the physical exertion is a good change from the usual mental exertion that my job requires. The water turned out to be disgustingly salty and full of fallen leaves and twigs. I swam only half the number of laps that I usually do. Along the way, I noticed that there was only 1 girl in the pool, the rest of the swimmers are all solitary males, one wearing his white trunks low enough that his butt crack is showing. Good grief. I know that speedos are low, but I don’t usually see them so low at the public pools. Then again, I seldom swim here on weekday afternoons.

Showering in the common bathroom, I saw this guy behind me who was looking around. Ok, some times I also look around, but I’m either checking if anybody is touching my bag (potential thief) or ogling at me (potential gay). I thought he was normal. Until I finished my shower and walked away to get changed. Then I saw that he had been masturbating. I don’t usually pay attention to how other guys wash their genitals, but I don’t think they spend so much time washing just that. And they are usually not in an aroused state. Never mind, quickly walk away.

Public male toilets tend to be a bit “open-concept” and guys just get changed at the benches. A towel is usually all you have to protect your modesty. I took care to make good use of the towel to not to expose anything more than I have to when I got changed.

Then I realise that the guy next to me who is holding his handphone in his hand is looking at me from time to time. Shit. He’s one of them! He’s not sending SMS but using the camera to take photos or videos of that other guy masturbating in the shower! At least I don’t think he’s aiming it at me. I will whack the shit out of him if I catch him pointing it at me. They chatted after that. I don’t know if this was prearranged or if they were just picking each other up. I don’t think I really want to know also.

This is all quite disturbing. Fortunately, there is another neighbourhood pool I can go to. It will be nearer my new apartment, and it is quieter, the water cleaner. And I hope I will not find gays there.

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