Initial D live movie

The action is good, even when I was only 2 rows away from the screen. Even when I had to strain my neck for 2 hours to watch the movie. Drifting on Mount Akina is really possible! I had seen the CG version in the anime, but to watch real cars drift on the actual roads is something else altogether!

Live movie adaptations of such wildly popular comics can be roaring successes, or they can fall flat on their faces. The live action movie is a summarised version of stage1, 2 and the stage 3 movie. It retains the feel of the anime and doesn’t take too much artistic license. The bored driving of Takumi, the excitement of the spectators at the races, the love story of Takumi and Mogi. Takahashi Keisuke has been dropped along with a few other characters and the idiocy of Itsuki takes on a life of its own. But it’s still good.

There was a bunch of NUS hostelites from KR Hall in their windbreakers and shorts. There was a girl in the first row who kept exclaiming how handsome and cool Jay Chou was. Yes. he has his own page at Wikipedia too. Cool!


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