It’s a dog’s life

In Singapore, it is generally not allowed to paste your own notices on the walls or pillars. If you paste a piece of paper advertising your service as a tutor, for example, you will get a call from your friendly town council asking you to remove it. You are not even allowed to paste over the noticeboards of the town councils, even if they have been bare for a long time.

Cold Storage provide noticeboards near their cashiers, and you are allowed to paste your notices on them. So the notices entertain shoppers as they wait in queue and the noticeboards fulfill their purpose in life, and people get a platform to post. It’s much easier to post these days, with numerous forums, free classified ads services, your own blogs, webpages and all, but it’s still amazing what you can learn sometimes.

“Jacky needs a new garden.” There’s a photo of a dog with its tongue hanging out.

“Find a new home for Blackie.” Another dog.

Gosh, what’s it about a dog’s life? I have to work hard for the next 30 years to pay off mine, and it doesn’t come with a new garden. Can someone find a new home for me? Four legs good, two legs bad, in another way.


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