SPG unmasked

Sarong Party Girl has been in the news recently, her mug shot on today’s Straits Times and she was interviewed over her nude photo posted on her blog. It was her own nude photograph, and her fans got to witness for the first time if she is really as hot as she claimed to be. What’s ST trying to do, printing her URL on the national paper, inviting 13-year olds to look at nipples when they are allowed only after they reach 21?

I had stopped following her exploits for a while already, her romps with white skinned men getting boring after a while, though she continues to experiment and to try out new and unconventional things that can be pretty shocking. Such as her bondage games, her search for a sugar daddy and her nonchalance at letting neighbours see her almost naked. It was fascinating at first, but it got to the point that I was wondering, is this all that there is? Of course she would write more about her sexploits on this blog and stay away from other aspects of her life that would still be interesting (probably), but focus too much on one topic and it inevitably gets dull on the senses.

There are many other local bloggers who post about their more rounded lives that are more fun to follow than hers. You want a good and sensuous read? Try Tetanus, though he might not be posting as much in that category for a while. His writings are still heartfelt as ever. Fiona is back, the girl who is amazingly honest and open about her (much more balanced) personal life, complete with pictures of herself so that there is no way you will mistake her for someone else. Calm One has ceased to post at his blog. A voice of reason among the sea of hormonal teens. There are many more gems on the local blogging scene that are worth reading too. It need not focus on how cool you are and what morons everyone else is.

Xiaxue was on the Channel U chat show last night, hosted by Xu Zhengrong and Quan Yifeng, on the topic of pre-marital sex and the changing moral standards of the society (I think). She sat on the panel of youngsters who gave their views that they follow their feelings, they know their limits and are willing to bear the responsibilities of their actions. The older folks (20s to 402?) had a man who took a firm stand on keeping sex strictly within the bounds of marriage, to the point of being offensive towards the youngsters. There is a distinct gap between the traditional values with their restrictions, and the go-by-feeling-and-think-later attitudes of the young. The other 2 members on the “older” panel, a DJ and a teacher, are more enlightened and tried to find a balance between feeling and self-preservation.

Sometimes traditional values serve the purpose of preserving the society that lives by those values. Feelings can lead you to live a bright and spectacular life. It can also be brief if you are not careful and if you lack the necessary wealth, health and brains you need to enjoy and take care of yourself. Values can be boring, but they preserve the society so that the people can collectively improve their lives. Need the values be boring? I think Mr Brown is having lots of fun with his family, as is Faith.

I’ll be getting married in half a year’s time. It’s not just a matter of following my feeling. It is also a path I have consciously chosen, because I believe that some things are worth working for, worth committing oneself to.


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