Paperwork is killing my brain cells… minuting down the previous meeting… compiling lists of things to discuss for the next… calculating the remaining budget… followup on procedures… sending out change requests… getting manpower to photostat a book (cannot just delegate coz nothing will move. wah lau!)… chasing colleagues for their inputs and documents… chasing infra to recover the failed server…

life as a programmer is infinitely easier and more immediately satisfying… code and get it to run, pass a set of tests and your job is done… immediate gratification… more pride because you know you can deliver…

but life is never so simple… and he who is unable to manage will be managed… unless he lives as a hermit… and personal space is already getting more and more scarce… there is no other real option… but to learn to manage… it used to be kill or be killed… now it is manage others or be managed… the new jungle… which has been around for donkey years in fact… and is unescapable and unavoidable… all that a person can ask for is a respite from the pressure… not a permanent escape…


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