Friends in need

I’m very thankful for the new friends who keep volunteering to help me with my wedding preparations, and those who will ask from time to time how my preparations are. The old friends who called me up to offer to run through the activities with us, and those who are more than willing to help out when asked.

Some say it takes a crisis to see who your real friends are. I find that a wedding also has a way of drawing people nearer. People whom you otherwise won’t have a chance to meet actually made an effort to travel to meet with you. Some are cool about it and gave the impression that they did not really want to be involved.

Perhaps those who have actually gone through it themselves are more willing to help, knowing how tough it can be for the inexperienced to go it alone. Hey, this is the first time we are doing it! But already I’m filled with admiration for those who have helped with numerous weddings already and are still more than willing to pitch in and help.

There are still lots of things that we need to do, and time is drawing nearer. Somehow we will manage to finish up, as countless others before us have managed to do. Perhaps we really should take a project management approach towards this and add in schedules, resources, tasks, stakeholders and all that stuff.

Note to self: make lots of lists when I get home. I need at least the milestones and key personnel also.


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