Spam and phishing

Got a spam from someone who claimed to be M$. If you are an obedient user, you will save tha attachment and execute it, then click on the hyperlink(which I have removed) and be brought to a fake website where you will declare your credit card number and everything else, and have them used against you. That is, if you have worked out what they want you to do.

Download and lunch? Oh… download and launch!
They have added a rubbish id

id# 01667709099942331927

but their English is so horrid I cannot believe M$ will want to hire them.

This probably will not fool those who are running pirated versions of windows and who have never registered with M$.

Dear Windows user.

We strongly recommend upgrade your system.
Please, download attached file and lunch.
After installation is complete you must go to for next step.

Microsoft Corporation (c) 2005

id# 01667709099942331927


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