Scared kena bomb is it?

Singapore is a very safe place. You cannot easily bomb the MRT stations because they have removed all rubbish bins. Terrorists won’t have a chance to hide bombs in the dustbins and blow our stations to smithereens, but it is perfectly ok for them to bomb out the entrances to our stations.

You cannot easily bomb HDB Hub also, for the same reason that you cannot find any rubbish bins. How can they risk letting their HQ be out of action? How will couples buy their apartments from HDB? National crisis, man!

The best thing is that they have moved the mailboxes out of MRT stations and shifted them some distance away, so that terrorists cannot post timebombs! Ah, now I have to walk into the station to buy instant stamps from the SAM dispensing machine, then walk waaaayyy out to the mailbox and post my letter, a marked improvement over the old days when I could post the letter into the mailbox which is right beside the machine that sells stamps!

Maybe removing the rubbish bins give the cleaners some extra work to do as they need to clean up more litter. Don’t think they will hire more people as a result, though.


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