Playing truant

One of the polytechnic attachment students in my company has vanished without explanation for 4 days and counting. His supervisor here at the company has escalated to the supervisor in the poly, who is probably a lecturer.

Other than that, the team members are accepting it as a fact of life that students are generally not very responsible, and that playing truant is something every student does. That is one new thing I have learnt. Another is that taking toothpaste before seeing the doctor is one way to get an MC for fever. Seesh. I wasted my education when I could be learning useful things like this! They are not foreign talent for nothing.

Rashes is not a good excuse to stay at home without an MC. Worse, he did not even inform the supervisors and the company supervisor found out through other students who are also attached here. He should at least have the courtesy to inform someone in charge. Tsk. Kids these days. Of course the matter was escalated to the poly supervisor by his company supervisor. A local.


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