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I’ve been using Gmail for 4 months and I still don’t have any invites to send out. Other people get 50 invites within a couple of weeks. Am I at the end of the invites chain and am not allowed to invite any new people? Browsing Gmail’s support group (used to be bbs) shows that some simply aren’t allowed to invite, some still have their stock of 50 invites replenished from time to time.

Gmail invites used to be a status symbol kind of thing, where those with invites to send are in the “cool” group, those envied by the masses who have to make do with miserly 20MB inboxes, or less. There are so many gmail users around that it is easier to get invited and so the status is much less than before. Some kind souls even give away the invites free! Check out

I’m finally stopping all use of hotmail. I used it in the past because I’m using MSN messenger and it all ties in with the .Net passport. Hotmail sucks, the junk mail counts towards your inbox quota and so I get flooded every few days. Sometimes every day. The only reason I still log in to hotmail is to clear the junk, since I will get a prompt in MSN messnger telling me I have a new mail, and I will inevitably find that it is hotmail telling me that my mail quota is close to being exceeded. Sheesh. At least yahoo does not count spam towards my email quota, and gmail has no spam (not that the 2GB quota can be exceeded, anyway.)

Since I can sign up for a passport using my gmail account, I need not stay with hotmail any longer. Yippie!


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