Reading Harry Potter book 5

So I’m a bit slow, having caught up with his first 4 books and started on his latest book, The Order Of The Phoenix. By far the thickest volume yet.

Life gets complicated as the hero grows up. Harry is now 15 years old, hormones are raging, and his night time adventures no longer raise a chill in me. Instead, they make me all hot and bothered. Seriously, only 15 years old and so adventurous already? Our legal age is 16. Given that his fans are about his age, or younger, I think the very graphic descriptions are … informative? Educational? I wonder if the kids will try it out.

I think I have watched only the first HP movie. There are 2 more right? Gotta find out what Ginny and Hermione looks like. The actors are going to have a good time when they shoot the 5th movie. Heh. I doubt the censors will let it pass with a mere PG rating, which is kind of silly for a kid movie, isn’t it? Imagine 15year old fans having to wait until 18 to watch the M18 or age 21 to watch the R21 rating.


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