My database schema does not cater for food

This came to my mind a few days ago when I was trying to recall whether I have tried the food at a certain stall. The memory was vague, and I was almost certain I had never tried buying from that stall, but my dear reminded me that I did not like it. I told her that my database schema does not cater for food. She laughed at how true it was. I can recall dialogue from a book or movie, I can recall theories and principles, I used to be able to remember a myriad of other useless stuff, but when it comes to food, it just slips my mind. And this is ironic considering how I like to try new stalls and new brands of toiletries, but I would have forgotten most of them before long. My mind is pretty biased towards some things, and food is definitely not one of those. For that, I need her to remind me. At least we compliment each other!


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