blogging takes time

I’m spending too much time online these days, reading other blogs and writing my own. I have another blog that I post to frequently. The reason this blog is so neglected is that I’m still trying to find my own voice. At the ripe old age of almost-30, I’m still trying to find my own voice.

I never had a problem like this when I was an adolescent. Life was simple then. Study, work on my hobbies, learn about interesting stuff, go to church. My future was assured. Go uni, get a job in IT and I will earn enough to feed myself and pay for my hobbies. Life was simple and focused.

Start working and all the things I’ve never taken into account start hitting me. I try to adapt to new demands, learn new skills, grow in new dimensions. In the end I wonder who I really am. And thus there is a need to re-find myself.

Writing is a way for me to organise my thoughts. A discipline to focus my thoughts enough to form coherent sentences. What can be given form can be understood. Some time ago I have had similar goals with my previous blog, but unfortunately that was a public blog and there is much that I cannot write about. I think I will continue to maintain that, and this will be something else. I’ll see how this new attempt works out. Perhaps by separating them I may achieve something I’m not able to achieve with only either of them.


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